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The Ignition SCADA system by Inductive Automation® has been voted Best SCADA by most System Integrators.

We offer new and conversion services from Wonderware, FTVeiw, and many other HMI's.


Ignition® is a powerful industrial application platform with fully integrated development tools for building SCADA, MES, and IIoT solutions.

  • Built for SCADA, MES & IIoT
  • Web-based and cross platform
  • Unlimited tags and clients, one price
  • Powered by SQL databases


Click for a 2 minute video tour.


Ignition reinvents SCADA to be everything you need in one powerful software solution.

With Ignition you can see, control, and analyze your data like never before.

Click on the video to see how Ignition defines The New SCADA experience by putting the power of data-driven decision-making in your hands.


Real-Time Control
& Monitoring
& Stability
and Scalability

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