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Hire a professional to work on site.

This person will work as a contract employee under ASP, llc.

ASP, llc assumes all required Federal, State, and local liability, Worker's Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, and all other required taxes and fees.

ASP, llc. carries an all-inclusive insurance policy up to $2M.

ASP, llc, supervises and guarantees all remote work as per agreed contract.


For more information, please send us an email.

Please include the location, type of professional required, the industry, the type of controls, controller, HMI, drive, servo, robotics, I/O network protocol, type of MES, etc.

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Request Services or Partnership

Our business is helping your business.  ASP, llc is focused on providing quality automation services and personnel.

ASP, with our Global Partner Network can deliver expertise and quality to any part of the world with a guarantee of performance and satisfaction.

Please send us an email to request a quote or consultation.

If you have an existing on-line bid package or specifications, then, please include the link within your email.



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